Varsity Vision Course











Includes Lunch


May 7th

8am - 5pm


Team Youth Leaders 

& Adult






Trained leaders at all levels are the key to quality, safe Scouting programs and to successfully recruiting and retaining youth members. Participants will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Varsity Scout team’s leaders and how to keep positively engaged in the functions of a successful team that meets the aims of Scouting.

Specific Objectives

As a result of this course,
participants will be able to:

  • Explain the nature of the Varsity Scouting program and its value to youth.

  • Outline the specifics of the Varsity Scouting program.

  • Identify the aims and methods of Varsity Scouting.

  • Identify Varsity Scouting’s five fields of emphasis.

  • Know how to conduct a safe Varsity Scouting program.

  • Explain the relationship between team youth leaders and team adult leaders.

  • Identify the main functions of Varsity Scout team leaders.

  • List additional resources for Varsity Scout team leaders.




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