2015 Fall Recruiting Plan


Identify the schools you want to host this year
and send them to us asap.


Let us know how many flyers you will need per school. Each flyer should have your contact information and the date when you are hosting your join scouting night. Typically each school requires about 300 flyers. Make sure to check with the school district if we need to have them approved first. This is very important because your flyers will not be distributed to each kid. 


Coordinate with your school and ask them that you would like to set up a table at back to school night. Have your flyers and other materials ready at your table. You should have the following materials in your table at a minimum:

Flyers telling the parents when your join scouting night is

• Youth and adult applications. 

• Peer to Peer recruiting business cards. 

• Posters

• Pack/troop photos, etc, to show off your unit.

• Leaders and scouts in uniform


Refer to the attached “what items should I have on my recruiting table”.


Update your BeAScout.org pin and go to the website (www.myscouting.org) to make sure that a new family can find your pack and their contact is followed up. Attached you will find a powerpoint presentation that shows you how to manage the system so that you can view your leads and update your own website. 


If you are curious, this is the website that families and the public go to find your unit: https://beascout.scouting.org/. Remember, when you promote your unit with flyers, conduct scouting for food or sell popcorn to the public, families tend to google scouting and will find this website. Therefore, have your sites up to date so that you can receive more leads and serve more kids.

Utilize our peer to peer recruiting business cards. These are a great way to have your boys and parents hand out quick information about your pack.


Here is the link for them: http://www.scouting.org/Home/Marketing/Recruiting_Build/Cub_English/peer.aspx  Please let us know how many you need. We will print them for you free of charge. 


Follow this link for great recruiting ideas such as derby events, rocket academies, etc: http://www.scouting.org/Home/Membership/Youth_Recruitment/Events.aspx


Utilize the following link to print or reproduce your own recruiting materials: http://www.scouting.org/Home/Marketing/Recruiting2/NationalCampaign.aspx.  The council has already purchased two posters and yard signs per unit. We will have these ready for you at our next roundtable meeting. We will also print your flyers as well.


Flyers, posters, applications, and other recruiting materials will be delivered to you at the August roundtable meeting on 1316 E. Cheery Lynn, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or you can pick them up at the council offices. 


Follow the “troop/pack join scouting night agenda” that is attached to this email. Make sure to read it carefully and follow the instructions. This agenda has been tried and tested over many years and it does work. 


Very important: The pack and troop with the most boys recruited and applications turned in at council will earn a free weekend at one of our BSA camps in our council. You will be able to use the camps during off summer camp months.