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Join the "Wagon Train"

    to Philmont

    s a child, how did you and your
     family reach your vacation
      destination? If you were like many families, you traveled by automobile all over our great country, perhaps even arriving in Arizona along the famous Route 66. Take a moment to think back to those times. Do you recall playing fun games in the car while driving or were you bored? Too much scenery and not enough fun? Maybe you never had that experience because you read books, listened to music and played games on your electronic device.

Good news! NOW is your chance to have a great time while traveling to our Philmont 2020 “Leadership Inspired” Conference in July and make some great friends and memories along the way! As adult Scout leaders, we are about to engage ourselves in the “Journey to Philmont.” Getting back to our youthful roots, we can be creative on our adventure to New Mexico. As our Philmont contingent grows, we want you to be excited about the trip!

Even though the intent of our meetings at Philmont is to plan the future of Scouting in the Grand Canyon Council, we should spice things up a bit on the travel side. Those who are attending the conference are tasked to come up with games to play on their road trip.

 Thinking back, Roger played a game that required the family to find the matching items that were identified on the game card; a fountain, church steeple, or a gas pump just to name a few. The one that collected the most items during the travel won. Kathy recalls playing the “license plate game” and trying to find a car from every state, with a prize to the one who found the most.


In addition, there will be a friendly competition among districts to win “The Great Scavenger Hunt” while traveling and there will be PRIZES!!! Perhaps your group will decide to depart a day early and enjoy exploring Santa Fe or Taos. How about a group picture on the corner in Winslow, Arizona? Details are forthcoming. 


Join the effort and get excited about our upcoming Philmont 2020 conference and the Road Trip Journey there! Create your own carpool group and “gaming adventure.” We are optimistic that the restrictions will be lifted and we can all safely go to Philmont and enjoy an inspirational week with fellow Scouters, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Mater says,

“Git ‘er done!” 

WagonTrain-Philmont copy.jpg

The following link will take you to 14 car games you can play while traveling; a good starting point for you to find games to enjoy.

Your 3 Central District Ambassadors:

Robert Colony

Orvell Franklin

Roger Ottaway