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This area is the only place in Arizona where you you can see "native" palm trees.


This months hike is Palm Canyon an excellent place for an overnight trip with the weather cooling off. Finding Palm Canyon is relatively easy. Take U.S. Highway 95 approximately 63 miles north of Yuma or 18 miles south of Quartzsite, watch for the Palm Canyon sign, which indicates the junction with a dirt road. Follow the dirt road east for seven miles toward the large, block mountain. The road is passable in a passenger car, but the ride is rough. Camping is permitted and the terrain is excellent for an after supper game of capture the flag. You can hike up Palm Canyon 1/2 mile and view a native stand of palm trees probably left over from the last period of North American glaciation. This trip is provides a fun outing and an opportunity to learn more about how climate affected Arizona in ages past.