Unit Elections - April 2020

The Central District Chapter hopes to conduct as many

unit (troop, crew, or ship) elections as possible in the next few

months. Please contact Chapter Adviser Guy Skirpan (480-688-4518 or guy.skirpan@wipalawiki.org) with a minimum of three potential dates on which your unit can hold an election, meeting place / address / time, and contact name / email address / phone number. Provide at least three weeks’ notice before the earliest date choice to allow proper preparation for and promotion of the event. For the near future, elections will be handled online, and procedures are still being determined at the time this article is being written.

Some units are used to holding their elections at summer camp. The Order of the Arrow originated as a camp honor society, so elections and inductions were held at the camp. Now it is a BSA honor society, and all youth members (under age 21) of the troop, crew, or ship are eligible to vote. Holding your unit OA election at summer camp disenfranchises any youth members not in camp that week. Your unit’s election and call-out must be performed by teams from the lodge serving your council per national rules. Also of note: You can’t do your election and / or call-out at an out-of-council camp.

A unit election is an opportunity for the unit’s best role models to be recognized by their peers. Becoming an Arrowman allows a youth candidate to reflect on his / her leadership and mentally prepare to take on higher responsibilities in the unit. Schedule your election today.

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