Movie Making

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This class will be held virtually over three (Thursdays) sessions:

January 21, 2021 \ 5:30PM-6:45PM

January 28, 2021 \ 5:30PM-6:45PM February 4, 2021 \ 5:30PM-6:45PM

(Turn in workbook and answer questions) 



Open to all active BSA members.  



The Moviemaking Merit Badge will be taught in a virtual classroom. The class has a capacity of 20 Scouts. Zoom Meeting Contact:

Before beginning work on any merit badge, scouts are to have a discussion

Movie Maker Festival


January 30, 2021


Eligible Scouts Films:

• Short film under 4 min

• Filmed by an active BSA Scout/Explorer/Crew/Ship member

• Scout Themed

• Production started after

Jan. 01, 2020

• Somewhere in the movie is a BSA Uniform

BSA Movie Maker Festival is

hosted by BSA's Grand

Canyon Council's Central

District. It is a film challenge

for youth filmmakers to

demonstrate their abilities in film and video production.

Scout teams entering the

challenge will be will be

showcased (screened) live.


Top 20 and honorable mentions January, both live and online.

Award Ceremony

Following the screening will be an awards for the top twenty. In addition award for best storyline, cinematography, and more.



Virtual Merit Badge


What: Moviemaking includes the fundamentals of producing motion pictures, including the use of effective light, accurate focus, careful composition (or arrangement), and appropriate camera movement to tell stories. In earning the badge, Scouts will also learn to develop a story and describe other pre- and postproduction processes necessary for making a quality motion picture.

Meet your Counselor - Scouter Kit (Mr. Ferman) earned his Bachelor's degree from Cal State University D.H. He has been a CubMaster, ScoutMaster, and is currently the the District Chair for Central District in Arizona. Scouter Kit owns a small production company that  undertakes small video projects in Phoenix, Arizona. He has won awards at the Phoenix Film Festival and Honorable Mention at A3F Film Festival. Kit is an avid cinematographer and enjoys sharing his passion for Moviemaking with scouts.

Scouts must attend the first two sessions to complete the

offered requirements.

After registering, Scouts will receive a link and login

information via email the day the class is scheduled.

Scouts will also receive instructor details that can be

used to connect to the counselor on Scoutbook.

This assures that completed requirements are easily


PREREQUISITES: 2D2 or 2D3 and a camera smartphone, camcorder, etc.), pen or pencil, and paper.