Journey to Excellence



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Judy Walden 


or Ted Keller 

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is a Scouting Unit planning and improvement tool that helps create and maintain a successful exciting and FUN Scouting program at all age levels. It is also used at the District and Council level to assess needs and offer help to units experiencing challenges. Working together the units and units commissioners insure that scouts receive the optimum in performance from their leaders.


This system allows Units to:

  • Set goals

  • Track progress

  • Measure outcomes

  • Improve performance year round

  • Build a successful team of adults and youth leadership.


Every Scout deserves a successful Scouting Program and JTE helps to insure its success.

By using JTE Scorecard to track your progress, you discover your strengths and pinpoint weaknesses leads to more youth participation, involved parents, skill development, leadership, outreach to the community and more importantly FUN for your scouts. 


Areas covered:

  • Program Advancement

  • Adult Training

  • Membership Growth

  • Day & Resident Camping

  • Community Service

  • and more


The aim is for the Unit to support the Scouting goals in continuing to provide the most "dynamic, energetic, adventurous and positive youth development program" there is for our youth (boys and girls) in our communities.