Support Your Unit Can Count On:

* Unit re-chartering

* Membership growth

*Journey to Excellence

* Building parental support

* Unit finances

* Fundraising ideas

* Troop camping

* Webelos overnighters

* Family camping

* Adult leadership coaching

   and training

* Training youth leaders

* Recruiting adult help

* Strengthening the unit

   Committee/program plans

* Ideas to improve charter


* Troop board of reviews

*Troop Courts of Honor

* Awards and Recognitions

* Pack Blue and Gold Banquets

* Merit Badge Counselors

* Parents meeting

* Problem solving

* New leader orientation and


* Youth Protection Training

* Maintaining Standards

* District and council event


*Uniform inspections






How We Can Serve You



Specific responsibilities of 

Camelback District Commissoners:


  • Help each Unit plan and track their Journey to Excellence progress throughout the year.

  • Support your adult leaders in their volunteer roles in the Unit Committee.

  • Provide helpful training information for your direct-contact Unit leadership to insure they have completed basic leader training, leader specific training, including Youth Protection training.

  • Support you with Re-chartering your Unit in the fall. 

  • Help you re-energize your program and get Scouts and families back to Unit meetings.

  • Help you develop your program plan for the year (activities, campouts, merit badges, community service, recruiting, etc.)

  • Communicate upcoming district and council activities and opportunities for your Unit.

  • Assess Unit performance with Unit leaders throughout the year.

  • Work with your Finance Committee to facilitate a Friends of Scouting presentation to the Unit.

  • Support your Fall and Spring Recruiting efforts to grow membership and attract families to your Unit. 

  • Visit your Unit meetings monthly as a welcomed guest. Give helpful feedback as needed or as requested.

  • Be available to make a presentation, attend a meeting or event, or speak at one of your Courts of Honor or Pack meetings.

  • Encourage Unit leaders to attend monthly Roundtable meetings, provided for the Unit to receive training, receive announcements on upcoming events/ activities, annual program planning opportunities for your committee members. 

  • Visit and/or communicate regularly with Unit Leader; serve as friend, coach, resource, support.

  • Keep in touch with the Chartered Organization Representative that supports your Unit.

  • Understand how the district and council work and provide or share resources/information to help the Unit be successful.


Many Unit Commissioners serve more than one type of Unit. One might serve a Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Varsity team, and Venturing crew in the same chartered organization. Other Unit Commissioners may serve only packs, only troops, only teams, or only crews.  The Unit commissioner is a Scouting generalist whose passionate overriding mission in Scouting. . .

. . . is to help Units succeed.