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Horton Creek

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Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon is a special unique place in Arizona. It is one of the few "naturally" occuring palm oasis in our state. These unique plants are probably the descendents of palms growing in this region during the last periods of North American glaciation. . .



West Fork of Oak Creek

One of our favorite hiking and camping locations is in Oak Creek near Sedona. There are plenty of campsites along the creek, including Manzanita, Cave Springs  and Pine Flat Campgrounds. You can book these campgrounds . . .


Tonto Natural Bridge is tucked away in a tiny valley surrounded by a forest of pine trees. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park has been in the making for thousands of years. It is believed to be the largest , , , 

Add Havasu Falls to your list of unforgettable places to go camping in Arizona! Enjoy the thousands of stunningly beautiful views on the ten mile hike to the campsite. You will . . . 

Wet Beaver Creek is off the

I-17 exit 298 to the 179 at the

Sedona exit. Turn east away

from Sedona and continue over 2 miles

to the Wet Beaver Creek Trailhead . . .

If you are hot in the desert sun and you want to cool off, then Fossil Creek, located below the majestic Mazatal Mountains just outside of Strawberry, Arizona, is the place to go. The . . . 

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