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If you are hot in the desert sun and you want to cool off, then Fossil Creek, located below the majestic Mazatal Mountains just outside of Strawberry, Arizona, is the place to go.

The roaring blue water fall, near-by the natural hot springs and the variety of flora and fauna make this a short drive down a canyon road nothing short of miraculous.  Fossil Creek is one of the most popular swimming spots in Central Arizona and is a wonderful place to go camping. It is a geology buff’s heaven. The cracks in the rock bed are filled with glistening veins of stark white calcite that contrasts brilliantly with the dark basalt. Shimmering pockets of quarts and other gems are everywhere.


An added bonus - is this could be a downhill hike both ways. Disembark your Unit at the top parking area (east trailhead) and put a car at the bottom parking area, near the creek. When you've hiked to the bottom after your campout just pile all the drivers in the car at the bottom and drive them to the top to pick up all the cars. Ten evetone meets at the bottom parking and distribute your Scouts into the various cars. A long hike downhill both ways.


Feel free to contact Fossil Creek hotline for more information at 928-226-4611.